Optimize images massively and automatically with one click? It's possible

Image Compressor Imager 365

Imager 365 is a plugin installed in the management engine of your website to optimize images automatically.

Advantages of optimizing images with Imager 365


Optimize images massively

Controls and resizes all images on the web so that they take up as little space as possible without losing quality.

Watermarks and filters

Add watermarks to all your images as well as your different filters for a perfect result.

Improve web loading speed easily

Thanks to the reduced weight of the images, your page will load faster and you will be able to do it in the easiest way with Imager 365.

Improve SEO positioning in Google

The reduction and optimization of the images will also lead to a better positioning in Google.

How to start optimizing images with imager 365?

We take care of everything

Hire the pack that interests you most.

We do the installation in your web manager.

Upload optimized images with the watermarked, easily and intuitively.

Enjoy faster loading and better positioning.


Maintenance of 40€/month

Do you want to start enjoying the benefits of automatic image optimization?

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